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Located in the hub of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley, we’ve been building some of the best custom fire apparatus in Canada since 1959.

As one of Canada’s oldest and most trusted fire engine manufacturers, HUB is committed to ongoing innovation and improvement. Communities across North America depend on our expertise, reliability and dedication to excellence to provide solutions to their unique requirements. 

We offer fully-customized and ready-for-service units. All fire engines are designed from the ground up, with in-depth consideration for our clients’ specific needs. We know the demand on an engine is excessive and it's important that it operates with minimal “out-of-service” time to ensure that communities are protected. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to ensuring the strength and resilience of each apparatus that leaves our plant.

The handoff of an apparatus is one of our most important benchmarks at HUB. It’s where many months of careful planning and consideration all come together in the final product. This process wouldn’t be complete without making sure that the apparatus was service-ready as soon as it pulls into the fire hall — without need for plumbing and mechanical appointments to complete delivery.

HUB Fire Engines is proud to have built more than 1200 customized and innovative fire apparatus in nearly six decades. We've developed strong client relationships along the way as well. 

Pride and passion meet expertise and innovation as we consistently deliver value, build quality and drive trust. 




Our People

Mike Welte  | General Manager

Mike Welte | General Manager

Mike McNarland  | Quotation & Design

Mike McNarland | Quotation & Design

Trevor Edwards  | Quotation & Design

Trevor Edwards | Quotation & Design

Dan Paolucci  | Production Manager

Dan Paolucci | Production Manager

Dennis High  | Sales

Dennis High | Sales

Joe Sward  | Parts, Service & Training Mgr.

Joe Sward | Parts, Service & Training Mgr.

James Hadfield  | Parts

James Hadfield | Parts

Linda Welsh  | Purchasing

Linda Welsh | Purchasing

Jason VanGarderen  | Finance

Jason VanGarderen | Finance

Lenore Chapman  |   Administration

Lenore Chapman | Administration

Miguel Amado  | Lead Hand - Electrician

Miguel Amado | Lead Hand - Electrician