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HUB Fire Apparatus 


Pride and passion meet expertise and innovation. It’s who we are and it’s how we build every HUB apparatus.

I have received numerous comments from the fire fighters and fire chiefs regarding the excellent quality of this apparatus.
— Ross Warren, Director of Protective Services | Fire Chief
I wish to advise you of our complete satisfaction with the CAFS system supplied and installed by HUB Fire Engines.
— Bill Jordan, Piers Island Improvement District Board of Trustees | Chair
From design through construction Hub’s team are always willing to share ideas, trends and best practices that other fire departments have included in their builds.
— Dan Derby, Deputy Regional Fire Chief/Emergency Program Coordinator
Our truck performs better for our road conditions than we thought it would. We are quite happy with our new truck.
— Brian Biddlecombe, Bowen Island Fire Department | Fire Chief